It isn't easy to find reasonably quiet places in Edinburgh to have a drink and a chat with friends. Even if there is no piped music, there might be live television or noisy gambling machines.

We have compiled this partial list of bars and pubs in and around Edinburgh where it is still possible to have a quiet drink. Please contact us if you would like to suggest other places to include. We are happy to include businesses with silent TV screens. We are also happy to include establishments that play music in one bar but which have a separate bar that is kept muzac-free. We are not against live music, just muzac. If a pub encourages live music, we mention that in the listing.

The Abbotsford 3-5 Rose Street, Edinburgh EH2 2PR (tel: 0131 225 5276)

Alexander Graham Bell 128 George Street, Edinburgh EH2 4JZ (tel: 0131 240 8220)

Bailie 2-4 St Stephen Street, Edinburgh EH3 5AL (tel: 0131 225 4673)

Barony Bar 81-85 Broughton Street, Edinburgh EH1 3RJ (tel: 0131 558 2874). Live band on a Sunday night.

Bow Bar 80 West Bow, Edinburgh EH1 2HH (tel: 0131 226 7667)

Cafe Royal 19 West Register Street, Edinburgh EH2 2AA (tel: 0131 556 1884)

Caley Picture House 31 Lothian Road, Edinburgh EH1 2DJ (tel: 0131 656 0752)

Cask and Barrel (Southside) 24-26 West Preston Street, Edinburgh EH8 9PZ (tel: 0131 667 0856)

Cloisters Bar 26 Brougham Street, Edinburgh EH3 9JH (tel: 0131 221 9997)

Cumberland Bar 3 Cumberland Street, Edinburgh EH3 6RT (tel: 0131 558 3134)

Foot of the Walk 183 Constitution Street, Edinburgh EH6 7AA (tel: 0131 553 0120)

Guildford Arms 1 West Register Street, Edinburgh EH2 2AA (tel: 0131 556 4312)

The Jolly Judge 7 James Court, Lawnmarket, Edinburgh EH1 2PB (tel: 0131 225 2669)

Kays Bar 39 Jamaica Street West, Edinburgh EH3 6HF (tel: 0131 225 1858)

Malt & Hops 45 The Shore, Edinburgh EH6 6QU (tel: 0131 555 0083)

Oxford Bar 8 Young Street, Edinburgh EH2 4JB (tel: 0131 539 7119). Folk music on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Standing Order Bar 62 George Street, Edinburgh EH2 2LR (tel: 0131 225 4460)

White Lady 98 St Johns Road, Edinburgh EH12 8AT (tel: 0131 314 0680)

Every care has been taken in compiling this information but no liability can be accepted for any error, omission or alteration which may occur. Inclusion of an establishment does not imply recommendation.

Last updated November 2017

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