Quiet Edinburgh

The campaign for freedom from intrusive background music in Edinburgh and the Lothians

About Quiet Edinburgh

Quiet Edinburgh is an informal group of Edinburgh and Lothian residents who campaign for freedom from unwanted background music in cafés, restaurants, bars, shops, GPs' surgeries, hospital waiting rooms, and other public places.

One of our initiatives is the Quiet Edinburgh website. The aim of the site is to list those establishments that do not play intrusive music – where you can eat, drink, shop or chat to your friends in a peaceful atmosphere.

Quiet Edinburgh is affiliated to – but independent of – Pipedown, the national campaign for freedom from piped music. Founded in 1992, Pipedown now has several thousand members, and is supported by celebrities (including, for example, Stephen Fry and Joanna Lumley) and other prominent people.

If you are sympathetic to our goals, we would love you to join us. We meet three times a year to discuss ways of furthering our aims. Our meetings are informal, there is no fee to pay, and no commitment of any kind. Members of Quiet Edinburgh do not need to join Pipedown (although many choose to do so).

If you are interested in joining us – or if you would like to discuss any aspect of our activities – please get in touch. See the contacts page for details.

Last updated April 2016

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